NHVR 6. National Work Diary Changes

By December 7, 2013Blog, Portfolio

work-diary 2

The National Driver Work Diary has been updated to reflect the requirements contained within the new Heavy Vehicle (Fatigue Management) National Regulation 2013.

The new diary will have simplified daily sheets and advice on the fatigue laws. Under the new national work diary, drivers will record:

  • Their vehicle registration once a day or if their vehicle changes, rather than at every break.
  • The location and odometer reading at the start of a rest break, and not when finishing their rest break too.
  • Their operator’s Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) or Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) accreditation number once in the diary (or again if it changes), rather than on every daily sheet.

Solo drivers are no longer required to record the state of territory where their licence was issued. A new optional comments section is also included to recording such information as delays and notes made by Authorised Officers.

The NHVR will work with the states and territories to make sure the new work diary is available for sale nationwide from 1 September 2013, from the same places that you currently buy your work diary (subject to agreements being finalised with state and territory governments).

Current work diaries can be used for up to six months after the national law and regulations commence from 1 September 2013. After that period, drivers must use the new work diary.