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Chain of Responsibility training is one of the first and most important steps to take to ensure you or your company isn’t liable under the CoR and OH&S Legislation. If you’re a Consignor or Receiver, a Packer, or Loader/Unloader, a Scheduler or Operator, or a Driver, you are part of the Chain of Responsibility and you or your company could be fined!

Organisations can’t get away with just any old training with a couple of Power Point Slides and some pictures.

The logistics industry has made it very clear what is the benchmark for COR related training is the accredited courses released in 2012 by the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC). These courses set the standard for Chain of Responsibility training in Australia.

These courses can only and must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and on completion participants receive an official Statement of Attainment, which indicates they’ve satisfactorily completed the accredited course and assessments.  As part of an integrated CoR Compliance solution, Chain of Responsibility Australia provides a comprehensive education package, including accredited training released by the TLISC.

Education programs can be a combination of online and face-to-face delivery to provide the most efficient and effective methods for organisational wide education.

Executive BriefingsCoR Logo

Ensure Directors, CEO, and managers are fully briefed on the National CoR and OHS obligations and compliance strategies with an in-house, 2 hour briefing covering the CoR & OHS legislation, industry case studies, business implications and the role of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. Executive Training These courses are designed for senior managers in an organisation that is part of the Chain of Responsibility.

Executive Level Training

These courses are designed for senior managers in an organisation that is part of the Chain of Responsibility. It enables executive management to design and implement appropriate CoR policies, procedures, and tools.

  • Ensure compliance with Chain of Responsibility (TLIF4094A)
  • Manage Fatigue Management policy and procedures (TLIF4064A)

Management Level Training

These courses are designed for frontline managers and supervisors of schedulers, packers, loaders or drivers, or anyone who influences any of these roles. They support managers and supervisors to implement CoR compliant work practices.

  • Implement Chain of Responsibility regulations (TLIF3093A)
  • Administer the implementation of Fatigue Management strategies (TLIF3063A)

Frontline Level Awareness Training

These courses are designed for transport operators, schedulers, loading managers, packers, loaders, drivers, consignors or consignees. They build frontline staff awareness of their CoR responsibilities and appropriate work practices.

  • Demonstrate awareness of Chain of Responsibility regulations (TLIF2092A)
  • Apply Fatigue Management strategies (TLIF2010A)
  • Load and unload goods/cargo (TLID2004A)

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